Fisherlea Systems

At Fisherlea Systems (pronounced Fisher-lee), we are committed to providing quality mobile applications to help you complete your work easier and faster. Do it right the first time.

Our mobile apps are available for most popular platforms whether that is a mobile device or desktop computer. Our apps are available on your preferred platform.

If you have a special need, we can customize our apps for you. Or take advantage of our development services to create something new to help you or your customers to work smarter and faster.

Pool Measure Pro

Pool Measure Pro

Pool Measure Pro is the innovative mobile app for measuring pools for replacement pool liners and covers - save time and money. Measure it right the first time - no return visits to the customer site for additional measurements.

Intelligent warning system catches common issues and oversights.

Pool-side data collection and electronic submission allows fabricators to import measurements seamlessly into their CAD systems.

Optional voice recognition allows you to use your voice to enter your measurement values, freeing your hands for the tape measure.

Crown Molding

Crown Molding

Have you installed, or tried to install crown molding but just couldn't get the corners to meet up correctly? Or did you get it right, but it took a lot of time and wasted material? If so, this Crown Molding app is for you!

For Do-It-Yourselfers and Professionals alike, the Crown Molding application can be used to calculate the miter and bevel angles to use with a miter saw when cutting crown molding for installation. No more guessing or wasted material. Cut it right the first time!